The Black Fighter Match family is immensely popular among match anglers.

This is a universal rod, ideal both for carp and for bream fishing. Black Fighter Match is available in two lengths: 390 cm and 420 cm. Great advantage can be taken of the long footed SIC guides that prevent the line from sticking to the rod. The casting weight of Black Fighter Match is 5-20 gm, which allows you to reach 40-50 m distances. The durability of IM8 carbon is further fortified with Kevlar fibers on the butt. Kevlar fibers reduce the risk of breaks. Black Fighter Match is a fast action rod. This means that, when playing fish, the first third of the rod works intensively. When under load, it becomes stiff gradually and can subdue the strikes of any record breaking fish.

Thanks to these features it is a slim but powerful rod, and it is a joy to fish with. Its appearance is attractive as well.

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Moderate-fast action rods flex typically in the first third of the rod. Casting accuracy can be greatly improved with these rods, no wonder anglers love them. They work confidently when playing fish.

Slim match rods made of IM8 carbon are adjusted to the requirements of modern carp fishing. They offer enough reserve for secure catching, even when there is an old warrior on your hook.

A superb handle with a traditional shape. It is made of cork and duplon, so it offers a firm grasp even with wet hands.

The rod has a classical reel seat with a screw locking nut. This type has been used for decades due to its simplicity and reliable structure. You can fix your reel to the rod with two hoods and a screw.

If you want to land an absolute giant, you need a high quality tackle. These line guides have a special coating that is resistant to fray. They are durable enough to cope with extreme strain.

Fight efficiency
Tip speed
Casting distance
Article nr. Length Section numbers Cast weight Shipping size Weight Recommended retail price
12033-390 3,90m 35-20g136 cm209 g 46,96 EUR
12033-420 4,20m 35-20g147 cm217 g 51,07 EUR