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Moderate-fast action rods bend in the first third of the rod. They are versatile rods with a truly impressive performance in any fishing situation.

IM8 carbon has revolutionized fishing industry. IM8 rods are slimmer, but also stronger than any other previous rods on the market. They feature outstanding strength and perfect fish playing action. With Kevlar technology, we managed to make IM8 rods even more powerful.

Classical handle made of high quality cork. Its length is just perfect for casting.

The rod has a classical reel seat with a screw locking nut. This type has been used for decades due to its simplicity and reliable structure. You can fix your reel to the rod with two hoods and a screw.

If you want to land an absolute giant, you need a high quality tackle. These line guides have a special coating that is resistant to fray. They are durable enough to cope with extreme strain.

Sensitive bite indication
Casting distance
Article nr. Length Section numbers Cast weight Shipping size Weight Recommended retail price
12308-360 3,60m 3+340-150g125 cm350 g 69,29 EUR
12308-420 4,20m 3+340-150g145 cm410 g 82,14 EUR
57,11 EUR


Let’s fishing on the horizon!

Let’s fishing on the horizon!

2011-09-26 | Source: Gergely Talabér

    The Feeder fishing is admittedly one of mos sensitive technique. We can catch all the careful fishes easily. But what happens, if our finny friends leaves the near-coast distance and get the direction to the deeper, further water. This event sometimes happen thanks to the weather. ...

Light or heavy feeder?

Light or heavy feeder?

2011-08-31 | Source: Gergely Talabér

There are several fishing techniques, and all of the techniques has their own specialized equipment, tackle, the number of the variations are countless. Feeder fishing is the same. We can choose from many rods, there are shorter and longer ones with great power or soft action also. What is better? ...