ET Rubin Match-Feeder is considered a real curio on the market.

In the carryall of the rod two third sections can be found. Rubin Match-Feeder, as its name suggest, can be used as a feeder or a match rod depending on the fishing situation. Both a stronger feeder tip and a lighter match tip can be attached to the middle section of the rod. Due to the precise testing process, the middle and butt sections of the rod work in harmony with both tips. This helps you cast accurately and play the fish. When the feeder tip is attached, Rubin Match-Feeder equals a medium feeder rod. In this case a 0,20 mm line is recommended. When the match tip is attached, the casting weight of the rod is between 5-18 gm, thus, a 0,16 mm line is recommended. It is an ideal choice for those who do not want to carry two separate rods to the water. Also, it might come in handy if you want to try both methods, but you do not want to buy two new rods.

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Slow action rods flex, when under load, throughout their entire length. These are typically soft fishing rods that require a solid hook set. On the other hand, thanks to their flexibility, they can cushion the strike of big fish.

Soft IM7 carbon rods work perfectly well with thin lines and hooklengths. These slim rods can cope with high levels of tow, reducing the chances of hook pulls.

Classical handle made of high quality cork. Its length is just perfect for casting.

The rod has a classical reel seat with a screw locking nut. This type has been used for decades due to its simplicity and reliable structure. You can fix your reel to the rod with two hoods and a screw.

For many years, SIC guides were used in the manufacture of only premium rods. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, they are widely used in the fishing industry, as they are immensely durable and relatively light.

Sensitive bite indication
Fight efficiency
Article nr. Length Section numbers Cast weight Action Shipping size Recommended retail price
12320-360 3,60m Match 3, Feeder 3+3Mediummedium127 cm 50,71 EUR