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Moderate action rods are one of the most frequent rods on the market. Moderate action rods bend throughout the two-thirds of their length, so they are soft enough to cushion the strike of hooked fish. Thanks to their softness, you don't have to run the risk of hook pulls when playing fish.

IM10 carbon rods surely satisfy the growing number of match anglers. These slim and light rods are powerful enough to subdue big fish easily. They are able to punch your float a long way with a suprising degree of accuracy.

This modern fishing rod features a slim, extravagant handle. The end of the rod is covered with a skid proof coating, which guarantees firm grasp even with wet hands. The weight of the rod is very favorable.

Instead of a traditional reel seat, we've chosen a durable but slim GPS one made of solid plastic. Its usage is exactly the same as that of classical reel seats.

For many years, SIC guides were used in the manufacture of only premium rods. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, they are widely used in the fishing industry, as they are immensely durable and relatively light.

Sensitive bite indication
Fight efficiency
Easy Transport
Article nr. Length Section numbers Cast weight Shipping size Weight Recommended retail price
12305-360 3,60m 5+220-50g113 cm210 g 45,54 EUR