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Slow action rods flex, when under load, throughout their entire length. These are typically soft fishing rods that require a solid hook set. On the other hand, thanks to their flexibility, they can cushion the strike of big fish.

Composite technology have revolutionized good old telescopic rods as well. Composite telescopic rods are conspicuous by their slimness. These hard-wearing rods, irrespective of their casting weight and length, can be used with various rigs.

This understated, skid proof handle is a guarantee of successful fishing. It offers a firm grasp so that you can fish confidently. You can clean them easily.

The rod has a classical reel seat with a screw locking nut. This type has been used for decades due to its simplicity and reliable structure. You can fix your reel to the rod with two hoods and a screw.

Ceramic guide lines are unbelievably resistant to knocks and bruises. These immensely popular guides offer an unbeatable value for money. They've been the most popular products among anglers for decades.

Price/Quality ratio
Easy Transport
Article nr. Length Section numbers Cast weight Shipping size Weight Recommended retail price
12049-330 3,00m 440-80g87 cm240 g 9,61 EUR
6,75 EUR
12049-333 3,30m 440-80g100 cm258 g 10,32 EUR
7,46 EUR