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There are situations when it is more beneficial to use slow action rods. These rods flex throughout their entire length when you play the fish. Thanks to their flexibility and soft material they can cope with high levels of tow, which gives you an advantage over any big fish.

Composite feeder and picker rods can be your best choice in extreme fishing situations, when your tackle can be damaged.

Classical handle made of high quality cork. Its length is just perfect for casting.

The rod has a classical reel seat with a screw locking nut. This type has been used for decades due to its simplicity and reliable structure. You can fix your reel to the rod with two hoods and a screw.

There are light aluminum oxide line guides on this rod. Not only is aluminum oxide light but also resistant to fray and knocks. Thanks to these attractive guides, the weight of the rod could be reduced to make fishing more comfortable.

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Price/Quality ratio
Article nr. Length Cast weight Recommended retail price
14085-361 3,60 m 40-80 g 20,32 EUR